About Bob Socci

Bob (left) with partner Chris Spatola before a Feb. 2013 telecast of Army-Navy basketball for the CBS Sports Network.

Bob (left) with Chris Spatola before a Feb. 2013 telecast of Army-Navy basketball for the CBS Sports Network.

I’ll admit, referring to mine as “A Voice for All Seasons” might seem a bit pretentious.  But, I swear, the name of this blog wasn’t born from an inflated sense of self-importance.

Lacking originality, and absent anything esoteric, I just wanted a title that fits.  Since I talk and write about sports all year long, “A Voice for All Seasons” it is.

Probably like you, I’ve been a sports fan as long as I can remember.  Which, in my case, is to say since the age of 3, when I received my first baseball flannels — a Tom Seaver replica uniform — and started taking math lessons from broadcasters like Bob Murphy and Lindsey Nelson, Curt Gowdy and Joe Garagiola.

Unfortunately, my grasp of numbers never advanced much beyond batting averages and winning percentages.  Even so, it didn’t take long to discover a love of, and find my way with words.

The first time I spoke any into a live microphone, I was a Little Leaguer moonlighting as a P.A. announcer at Stewart Field in Auburn, N.Y.  One half of a doubleheader I would squat behind home plate for Local 3482.  And the other I would repeatedly ask fans to, “Please return all foul balls to the playing field.”

Only a 12-year old, already I understood that my professional calling was calling games, rather than playing them.

Decades later, I’m still at it.  Winter, spring, summer and fall.  Basketball, baseball and football.

In the last year, I’ve handled play-by-play of Navy football and baseball’s Triple-A Pawtucket Red Sox on radio, as well as college basketball for the CBS Sports Network.  I’ve also written extensively about those sports and more.

Home is no longer Central New York, but New England.  My wife and I have two young children, a son and daughter, who’ve yet to reach the same age of my early athletic enlightenment.  They’ll decide when that time comes for them, if it comes.  Either way, they remind me every day of my personal calling in life.

Still, as seasons come and go, so must I; from one event to the next.

All things considered, I’m a very, very lucky guy.

The loves of my life, from early childhood to adulthood, have allowed me to meet countless and endlessly fascinating individuals; some famous, others practically anonymous.

Passionate about a lot of things, I look forward to continue sounding “A Voice” in the seasons ahead.  Thanks so much for lending an eye and an ear.  Enjoy.