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London Escorts

Experience with London escorts

We are beginning to receive more and more emails here at the Better Sex Guide. Many of them deal with dating London escorts, and associated services such as lap dancers or party girls. This week we have received a really interesting email from a gentleman in Dubai who is going to be visiting London this summer. It is his first visit to London, but he understands from his friends that dating London escorts can be a great deal of sexy adult fun. However, he is unsure on how to have the best experience with London sexy companions.

Dating in London

If you would like to date London escorts, it is important to understand that there are many different areas of London, and you will find a range of London escorts services at For instance, I know that a lot of gents from Dubai would like to take advantage of elite and VIP escorts during their stay in London. A lot of these ladies have their apartments or boudoirs in areas such as Kensington and Mayfair. These are very exclusive area of London, and dating hot vixens in these areas can cost more per hour.

Finding your dream sexy companion is quite straight forward. All you need to do is to take a look at one of the many websites that offer London escorts. You will find that most agencies have their own website, and on the sites you will be able to find images and photos of London escorts. Look at the top of the screen, and you will be able to choose in between sexy blondes, smart brunettes and spicy redheads.

There are also some other decisions you need to make. For instance, you may want to date a lady with really long legs or alternatively a petite blonde. All of the intimate details of the girls can be found on the sites as well.

If, this is the first time you have dated London escorts, you may just want to give the agency a call. The agency will further give you details of the many different services which London escorts can provide you with. You may find that your needs will vary. So, one night you might want to meet a sexy companion for a hot dinner, but another night you may fancy a personal sensual massage from a different sexy companion.

Whatever you fancy, I am sure your pleasure is going to be waiting for you in London.

Many gents who date London escorts on a regular basis say that they are the best in the world. A couple of very experience daters are always in touch with the Better sex Guide about their dating adventures around the world. The girls abroad seem to be very exotic but many of the gents still prefer dating London escorts.

Summer is often the busiest time for dating escorts in London, so it is a good idea to plan ahead. Take a look at the sites, find your dream sexy companion and email the agency with the details of your stay. Once you are in London, you just need to give them a call with your final details such as London accommodation for outcalls.

London Escorts

London Escorts at its finest

I have recently moved to London, and I seem to be sitting alone very night. It can get really boring so I would like to know if there are any gents out there who have dated London escorts from I hear a couple of guys talking about London escorts in the pub the other night, and it sounded rather exciting but I am not sure.

In the past I have always dated central London girls but I think that I need to rethink my situation. I just sold my flat in Richmond but I forget all about my Richmond girls, and did not realize how much I was going to miss them. Now I am not sure where I can find hot sexy babes in Richmond, and I would really appreciate some advice from readers of your publication. Look forward to hear from you.

Peter in Guildford

Hi Peter,

Thank you so much for contacting the Better Sex Guide, and it is really good to hear from. There are a a few London escorts agencies, and we have checked some of the ones at in your local area. They all sound really good, and you will find that the selection of London escorts at these agencies is excellent, I am sure that you will be able to find some hot babes to date.

If you use Guildford and London as search terms on the Internet, you will find a whole range of agencies will come up. Take a little closer look and you will discover there are many hot ladies waiting for you. I know that Richmond ladies are very stunning, but you will find that there are many hot blondes, stunning brunettes and sexy redheads.

All you need to do is to decide if you would like to date a blonde, brunette or redhead, and after that you need to read the ladies write ups. They will be able to read the different services they offer, and you can select from there. After you have found exactly what you need, you need to call the agency. The agency will help to you to make all of the arrangements, and the London escorts of your dreams will be all yours.

It can be very difficult when you move to a new area, and start looking for escorts services. First of all you need to find the service that you like, and then you need to find the girl that you like. However, the Better Sex Guide has noted that escorts services across the UK seem to be improving, and I am sure you will be able to find a sexy hot London escorts to date.

If you would like to write in with a review of the services in the local area, we will be more than grateful, as we always try to publish as much up to date information as possible. Hope you find a really hot sexy lady in London.


What ever happened to one nights stands?

I remember some of my one night stands with fondness but now they seem to have got out of fashion. I was having coffee with some of my London escorts friends the other day, and we ended up talking about some of the one nights stand that we had enjoyed. It was funny, and we ended up laughing a lot. However, a couple of my younger London escorts friends pointed out that one nights stands are not done any more, and I must admit I was a bit taken back. What has happened to good old fashioned one night stands?

Too Risky

When I was younger it was much easier to trust people, and you could easily enjoy a one night stand as long as you used condoms. But now things have changed, and like my younger London escorts friends pointed out, there is more to one night stands that sexual health. All of the London escorts did say that they used condoms when dating new sexy boy friends, but none of them do one night stands. It is simply too risky, and you never know who you are going to meet. None of the ladies would go back to a guy’s home or apartment these days, they simply do not trust strangers. So my friends hate the classification of a one night stand london escort, as it just falsely attributes connotation to a dating companion.

It is a matter of trust

I soon realized that my younger London escorts friend were right. It is a brave new world out there, and it is difficult to trust people. Sexual health is indeed one thing, but you are also likely to meet someone who might want to hurt you. I fully appreciate why London escorts feel the way they do, and that there is a lot of strange people out there. For instance, when I was dating, there wasn’t such a thing as date rape drugs or many of the new exotic drugs that we have today.

Mental health

Mental health is a big issue today as well. There are a lot of young people who need help with their mental health but yet there are very few resources for them. I am not saying that they are dangerous, but like some of the London escorts pointed out, many of them are less aware of personal integrity. Some people with mental health issues do not respect others, and this may mean your own personal space such as your body. London escorts were quick to point out that many of the sufferers of some disorders can be potentially dangerous, and we need to be aware.

Well, life has certainly changed a lot since I dated and it makes me wonder if the youth of today are ever going to be able to hook up with each other. Is the next generation doomed to date over the Internet, and should we even be careful with the people we call our friends. I am glad that I have my London escorts friends but I wonder how easy it will be to make new friends, or find new lovers, in our future brave new world.


A One Night Stand; Have Some Fun!

Having a one night stand is good for the mind, body and soul when you need to get back to being you. A soft, warm touch, tightly holding each other, enjoying the pure feeling of living in the moment with no repercussions is what we need.

As the song 'Lean on Me' states, we all have pain and sorrow in our lives. How we deal with a fast-paced society is each and every person's responsibility to learn to put things in perspective positively. When we are not able to cope, it's very disastrous, sometimes on an unbelievable level.

Frustrations build up and physically compel us to have some sort of release. Many people turn to sexual pleasures for just this type of solution...and it works! Scientists have proven for years that humans need human touch, especially as infants. And it truly does continue on through our life. Of course, some more than don't judge. Lovers are solving their issues in a way that fits their way of life and are upstanding, respectable citizens.

A lot of one night stands happen after a break-up. It's a feeling of being wanted, assuring ourselves we are worthy of being wanted. One night stands happen all the time with usually no regrets. Each person walks away with a great memory of the time spent together. She remembers how he held out his hand for hers when walking across the street. He remembers how she quickly took his hand and smiled so brightly.

Since that first hand-held moment, they never left each other's side. They both knew how the evening would end, but dragging out the flirtation, sexy dialogue for the excitement was all part of the one night stand experience. He draws in closer for a soft kiss on the cheek, then a whisper "you look so beautiful tonight" in her ear. She takes another drink of wine and licks her lips slowly, gently biting and smiling. Her palms are very warm as she leans in close to tell him she's ready to go. He can't get the check fast enough as he tells the waitress 'no dessert'!

Quick kiss as he opens the car door for her as music and singing lasts the whole way to his humble abode. Now, the real fun begins. They kiss each other, clothes come off, and he picks her up and carries her to their destination for love making. Their bodies are hard and sensitive to every touch. He makes it last just for her and she releases his pain and sorrow.

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