Most Men wants from their WOMAN – London Escorts


When I was working for a leading London escorts agency I used to wonder what mean really wanted from their women. Talking to them never seized to amaze me as they seemed to want so much from their women. Now, having left the London escorts service, I finally appreciate what men really want from their women. Do I think that men sometimes expect a bit too much? Yes, I certainly do and I think that the first thing we need to do is to train our newly wed husbands. They need to learn early on that they can’t have everything, or at least that they can’t have their cake and eat at the same time.

That is the first thing I learned working for a London escorts service. The second thing I learned from working as part of a team of London escorts from is that men never really grow up. My own husband has never really grown up even though he is now 63 and holds down a very responsible job. The first thing my husband does when he comes home is to disappear upstairs with a gin and tonic, and spend half an hour playing with his train set together with our 13 year old daughter. That sort of says it all. He wants me to be a chef whilst he plays with his trains.

During the week we always have dinner at 6.30 pm. It has to be more or less spot on because this is when my husband wants me to be a counselor. I have to listen to him going on about his hard day at work and all the tough things that he has to do. When I sit down and think about it, my life has not changed that very much. When I worked for sensual cheap escorts in London services I used to have to spend a lot of time listening to men talk about their jobs as well. Could it be that my life has not moved on so very much after all, and I am in a way still providing London escorts services.

After dinner it is time to settle down for the evening. This is sort when I go into overdrive, The dogs have to be walked one final time and then I have to turn myself into a vixen of London escorts again. I honestly thought that by getting married, I would be able to hang up my frilly knickers which are standard attire for London escorts. But no, this guy maybe 14 years older than I am but his libido has not stopped working yet. Our daughter must realize and she always asks us not to make not much noise as it makes her Labra doddle starts barking.

So has my life changed that much? Not really, and I have finally realized how many different roles the men in our lives expect us to play. We are mothers, shrinks, cleaners, master chefs and finally lovers. Is there anything I have forgotten – oh yes fish tank cleaner and car mechanic. Silly me…